Cool press release!
Cool press release!

Cool press release!


We, and our Heroes, gain respect by only contributing to products we are incredibly proud of.

To this end, all of our Heroes collaborate across our studio borders to achieve our vision. We never give up; once we have awed the world, we want to do it again - even better! Crytek was built by Heroes from all corners of the world, and all are ultimately made through their journeys. We have come a long way: our games and our technology have gained us the respect of gamers and this industry. We worked veryhard to build a great company and achieve this respect. At Crytek, development is crucial, both for our games and our people. We understand that Heroes can come from unlikely places and that they might need courage or a leap of faith to explore new frontiers. This is why we are all about finding and enabling our maximum potential. Our Heroes strive to contribute in continuously more meaningful ways to our games, our communities, and our industry. And like all Heroes, we achieve this respect by winning the day.

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